(Numbers listed before each name represent their ancestor/ahnentafel Position)


Christopher Batt (? - ?)
Christopher married Alice ST BARBE on the 8th July 1568 in St Martins, Salisbury, Wiltshire. They had seven children John (1570), Thomas (1571), Anne (1571), Dorothy (1576), Margey (1578), Joan (1579) and Annie (1580).

John Batt (1570 - 1643)
Christened on the 28th March 1570 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, John married his first wife Katherine (maiden name unknown) in 1591. They had five children Dorothy (1595), Jone (1592), Katherine (1599), Alice (1598), and Sophia (1599).

John's first wife Katherine sadly died on the 21st November 1604 and was buried at St Martins, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

John married his second wife Katherine BRATHERTON on the 18th May 1607 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. They had nine children Katherine (1607), Mary (1609), Christopher (1611), John (1613), Margerie (1615), Dorothy (1617), Katherine (1617), William (1621) and Anne (1623).

Sadly John died on the 5th August 1643.

Christopher Batt (1611 - ?)
Christened on the 20th January 1611 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Christopher married Anne WESTFIELD in 1633, and they had seven children John (1638), Katherine (1640), William (1641), Christopher (1643), Alice (1646), Richard (1648) and Samuel (1650).

John Batt (1638 - ?)
Christened on the 27th August 1638 in Salisbury, Wiltshire. John married Elizabeth DICK (b.1635) on the 18th December 1665 in Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire. They had four children Mary (1666), John (1669), Susannah (1672-1675) and William (1682).

John Batt (1669 - 1800)
Born 1669 in Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire and christened on the 12th April 1669. John married Rebecca PERRIN (born 1672 in Grateley, Hampshire) on the 3rd December 1699 in Grateley, Hampshire. They had five children Rebecca (1701), John (1703), Mary (1707), Edward (1709) and Richard (1715).

Possibly buried in St Leonards Church, Grateley, Hampshire.

Richard Batt (1715 - 1796)
Richard Batt born on the 2nd February 1715, Grateley, Hampshire. Richard married Anne (maiden name unknown, born 1717) in 1739 Grateley, Hampshire. They had nine children Richard (1740), Benjamin (1742), Joseph (1744), William (1747), Harry (1753), Richard (1754), John (1755), James (1759) and Mary Elizabeth (1762).

Richard died in 1796 and is buried at St Michael & All Saints Church, Weyhill, Hampshire.

Please click here to see the transcript of Richard Batt's will.

Benjamin Batt (1742 - 1800)
Born in 1742 in Grateley, Hampshire and christened on the 28th September 1742. Benjamin married Sarah HAYES on the 18th February 1770, and they nine children Benjamin (1770), Anne (1771), Richard (1773), William (1773), Agnes (1783), Sarah (1785), Joseph (1787), Sarah (1778), and James (1781).

Benjamin died on the 18th April 1800 in Grateley, Hampshire.

William Batt (1773 - 1854)
Born in 1773 in Grateley, Hampshire and christened on the 5th February 1775 at Barton Stacey, Hampshire. William married Mary PAICE, on the 23rd November 1799 and they had ten children William (1800), James (1802), Thomas (1804), George (1806), Charles (1808), Anne (1812), Sarah (1814), John (1815), Sarah (1817) and Henry (1821).

HenryIn 1841 William was living in The Street, Barton Stacey, Hampshire with his wife Mary, son's Charles, John, and a John Ford. William and his sons were agriculture labourers.

William died on the 18th August 1854.

44 - William Batt (1800 - 1865)
Born in Barton Stacey, Hampshire in approximately 1800. William married Ruth CARTER on the 25th December 1824 in Barton Stacey. They had seven children Henry (1/5/1825), Ellen (9/9/1827), Jacob (13/12/1829), Mary Ann (20/11/1831), Alfred (14/8/1836), Louisa, and Dennis (21/7/1841).

William and his family were living at Bransbury House, Barton Stacey, Hampshire on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census returns.

William's occupation was a shepherd. Sadly William died June 1865 in Alresford, Hampshire.

22 - Dennis Batt (1841 - 1907)
Born in Barton Stacey, Hampshire on the 18th July 1841. Dennis married Mary Ann LITTLE (born 29th May 1845) his first wife on the 14th February 1868 at St Phillip's Church, Kensington, Middlesex. They both gave their address on the marriage certificate as 4 Seymour Place, Fulham Road, Kensington and their witnesses were William & Maria Gammond. Dennis and Mary Ann had three children together William (1866), Alfred (1870), and Harry (1875).

On the 1871 census Dennis, Mary Ann and family were living at 28 Seymour Place, Kensingston, Middlesex.

Dennis married his second wife Emily Mary LEGGETT on the 29th March 1880 at St Phillip's Church, Kensington, Middlesex. They both gave their address on the marriage certificate as 22 Seymour Place, Kensington and their witnesses were George Pomphrey & Sarah Tucker. Dennis and Emily had three children together Albert Edward (1880), Florence Edith (1882) and Maude (1886).

On the 1881 census Dennis, Emily and family were living at 22 Seymour Place, Kensington, London, and in the 1891 census Dennis and family remained at the same address but he was now a widow. On the 1901 census Dennis lived with his youngest daughter Maude at 20, Callow Street, Chelsea, London.

Dennis's occupation was a stone mason up until 1891, after that was stated as being a painter and decorator. Dennis died at the age of 65 in June 1907, Chelsea, London and his wife - Emily - died 18 years earlier in 1889 at the age of 29.

11 - Florence Edith Batt (1882 - 1974)
Born at 22 Seymour Place, Kensington, London on the 27th September 1882. Florence partnered William STOKES and they had seven children Florence Louise (1901), William (1903), Edith Ivy (1905), Ted (1909), Harry, Eddie and Sid.

On the 1901 census Florence was living with her family at 35 Filmer Road, Fulham, London and in 1905 was living at 20 Heckfield Place, Fulham, London. In 1903 William and Florence lived at 4 Northampton Place, Fulham and in 1905 they lived at 5 Heckfield Place, Fulham.

It is not understood why Florence gave her surname formally as Poulton on her childrens birth certificates, she would have not wanted to reveal that she was not married to William but why use the surname Poulton and not Batt - was she previously married?

After Florence parted company with William, she met new partner George Wallace who was belived to have been a deserter from the army and had stolen the name he used from a gravestone. George Wallace was later involved in an accident with a steam-roller and lost one of his legs.

Sadly Florence died in 1974, and her death was registered in the name of Florence Wallace.